Robin Madge

Robin Madge is a singer/songwriter/composer, Anglo concertina player, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Joined the folk/rock group Blind Panic, performing at folk clubs and festivals for 15 years. The band went on to participate in theatrical productions by local organisations and then to play for ceilidhs. 
At the same time performed with Dominic Patton as a duo Achilles Heel then both went on to join Pete and Anita McNab to form the group Whigamaleeries (later named Hens Teeth).
 Recorded three solo albums of traditional and own compositions, "Dawn Chorus", "The Harbour Wall" and "Caterpillar Wrestling". A fourth album “High Tide” was postponed. Also two albums with Blind Panic, "The King and Us" and "Panic Measures", and "Tall Ships" with Hen's Teeth.
 Bought a house in Lancaster in 1998 for a daughter to use while at university, and as a result moved to the city after a couple of years. Quickly recruited with wife Anne to play for John O' Gaunt Morris Men and soon after for Wrigley Head Morris Men.
Has been a member of two West Gallery choirs and likes to participate in some of the “Sheffield” carol sessions.
Joined  Nick Caffrey and Ed McGurk in May 2015 to form a trio.

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